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Notes on Accidents

We are very happy to release our 4th Box Set and our first with a European artist. The Notes on Accidents Box Set comes from the highly esteemed Erik Kessels, who's world-renowned installation, 24 Hours in Photos, is showing now at SFMOMA. Erik Kessels has been collecting peoples' lost or discarded photographs and elevating them into accidental works of art. Notes on Accidents is comprised of several small groupings of images that Kessels has collected over the years. Each card inside of the Box Set has the power to tell its own story, but when combined with other unlikely mates the accidental narrative that a pile of photographs can create is even more curious. 

Loose Shingles
We are very excited to announce the Ed Templeton Box Set, Loose Shingles, is here. It's an honor to have the very storied Ed Templeton be the subject of our 3rd Box Set. Loose Shingles displays alternate photos and outtakes from Templeton's many projects over the last few decades, including Teenage Smokers, Teenage Kissers, and other editorial and street shots. This Box Set also includes a new element, Templeton has hand drawn the backs of each photograph which provides more information on the images and adds a personal touch.
Homing In
Due to the rarity of this Box Set the price has been increased. We are happy to announce Todd Hido has produced his 2nd B-Sides Box Set. His new Box Set, Homing In, offers a new glimpse into Hido's highly prolific process and unveils unpublished House Hunting photographs, overlooked images of his muse Khrystyna, and even brand new work made this year from the original set of Twin Peaks.
  • 50 individual cards, 47 photographs
  • Notes on Accidents: Numbered edition of 1000
  • Loose Shingles: Numbered edition of 1000
  • Homing In: Numbered edition of 2000
  • Housed in a 3-7/8 x 2-7/8 x 1-1/8 inch two-piece archival acrylic box
  • Loose Shingles ISBN: 978-1-5323-7487-6
  • Homing In ISBN: 978-1-5323-5128-0
  • Notes on Accidents ISBN: 978-1-7923-0217-6
  • Designed and printed in California

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