We are a growing press that produces boxes of small photographs printed on high quality cardstock from the archives of some of the most interesting photographers in the world. The Box Sets often feature photos that have never been published, have been overlooked, and also include previews of brand new work.

The format allows a tactile and interactive connection with the photographs that are not able to be achieved with traditional photo books.

We have published Box Sets with Todd Hido, Ed Templeton, Erik Kessels, and Vanessa Winship. 

Booksellers and Press: If you would like to sell our publications or would like more information please contact us directly at sales@bsidesboxsets.com

We do not accept submissions to be published by B-Sides Box Sets, thank you for your understanding. 


Bookstores we are sold in:

SFMOMA, San Fransisco

Whitney Museum, New York

Photo-Eye, Santa Fe

PhotoBookStore UK, England

Park Life,  San Fransisco

Dashwood Books, New York

Arcana Books, Santa Monica

Vincent Borrelli, Albuquerque 

Strand Book Store, New York

Palomino, London

The Photographer's Gallery, London

PhotoQ Bookshop, Amsterdam

FOYLES Books, London

Le Petit Voyeur, Copenhagen

Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam

LUOLA, Argentina

Treehouse Bookshop, Hawaii

Book/Shop, New York

The gallery at Leica Store, San Fransisco

Studio Bibliografico Marini, Rome

Setanta Books, England

Lapis Press, Los Angeles

Tim Whelan Photographic Books, Maine

Cafe Lehmitz, Germany

L'Ascenseur Végétal, France

Le Plac’Art Photo, Paris

National Portrait Gallery, London

Musée des beaux-arts, Switzerland

Spaces Corner, Pittsburgh

Kominek Books, Germany

SHELF, Tokyo

Jerry Benson Books, USA

Book of Days, Japan

Polygon Gallery Bookstore, Canada

Beyond Words, United Kingdom